VR Eve Valkyrie (PS4) Eng

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Артикул: KD5880038
Код товара: 000018675
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Language Features
Operating Language English; French
Motion-Controlled Gaming No
Instruction Manual Language English; French
Number of Players
Virtual Reality VR Required
Warranty Parts 90 Day(s)

  • More Information

    VR space dogfighting is here

    • Requires PlayStation VR (sold separately)
    • Gorgeous 360-degree visuals and cutting-edge VR gameplay immerse you in space combat like never before

    Soar into the EVE Universe

    • Live out the fantasy and thrill of being an elite spaceship pilot in the sprawling sci-fi universe of EVE
    • Join the Valkyrie, an outlaw band of galactic pirates, and take up arms to claim what's yours
    • Trade cannon fire for cash as you chase wealth and notoriety on the edge of space
    • Competitive multiplayer action rewards teamwork and tactics

    Freedom to fly

    • Features a wide variety of ships with tons of customization options and weapon loadouts
    • Skill-based character progression and ship upgrades give you complete control over your pilot’s combat style
НазваниеVR Eve Valkyrie (PS4) Eng
Язык игрыРусская версия
Жанр игрыAction
1C code000018675
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